Student Scholarship Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Grace to you as this day unfolds.

I am currently a junior high school student at St. Therese High School and I read from our school publication your advertisement in your search for scholars for the next school year.

Though I am still in high school, my family’s financial standing could barely afford to support everything that I need for school like books and other school projects. As my father had been laid off from work a few months ago, it would now seem more difficult for me to finish my senior year in high school.

When I read your scholarship advertisement, I got new hopes of finishing secondary school, as I told myself that I would really strive to be one of the scholars.

I can furnish you with all my school records and credentials just so you will know that your scholarship grant will really be put into good use.

I will not tell so much of myself anymore, but instead I will my records speak about me.

This letter hopes to be given the chance and I am hoping that you will help me take my chance and push myself to have better life and a better future.

Thank you very much.


Joanne Mauricio

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