Student loan harship letter

Mr. George O’Reilly

Mount Avenue, Chingford

London, E4 7SY

October 23, 2010

Mr. Michael Eastwood

Student Services Department

London University

Re: Account no. 111111-333

Dear Mr. Eastwood:

This letter is with regard to my delayed payment for my loan dues last month.  I apologize for my delinquency in paying my loan; this is because I had to pay unexpected bills last month.  My sister got sick last month and I had to pay some medical bills due to her hospitalization.  My parents did not have enough finances at the time to pay for the medicines.

I am a good student, maintaining excellent grades since my first year in the university.  I firmly wish to continue and finish my studies in your university and I am hoping this incident will not lead to my removal from the university.  I would be very thankful if you allow me to modify my loan.

Thank you.


George O’Reilly

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