Student Loan Hardship Letter


Lenny Bin

Manager of Loans

Oscar Finance Limited

12 Robert Moore Street

London, United Kingdom 3490

Dated: 1st of July 2012

Subject: facing hardship in repaying student loan

Respected Mr. Bin,

This is to bring to your notice that I am facing hardship in repaying the student loan that I had taken from your organization. I had taken a student loan in the year 2010 in order to pursue my Bachelors in Business Administration from London School of Business. The loan amount was fifty thousand pounds.

My father was a guarantor of the loan and he was the one paying the loan installments as I am still a student. But suddenly my father had a heart attack and had to undergo a heart surgery. A lot of money has been spent on his surgery. The doctor has strictly asked him to take bed rest and thus he is unable to resume work. That’s why it is becoming impossible to pay the loan installments.

I would like to take my hardship into consideration and find a solution. Due to my academic commitments I am not getting the time to take up a job. Once my father recovers he will start paying the installments.


Joe Hardy

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