Student Appeal Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am a BS Biology senior student supposed to be graduating at the end of this semester 2009-2010.  However, I was informed by the college secretary yesterday that I am not among the candidates for graduation since I had an incomplete grade in Molecular Biology 20.

I am writing to appeal for my grade in the particular subject.  I was told that I failed to submit our last group project but I am sure that I submitted the said requirement a week before the date of submission.  My other groupmates, who also received incomplete grades, can also attest to this.  The requirement was left at our professor’s office and may have been misplaced.  We have a copy of the project which we could submit immediately if needed.

I sincerely hope my appeal will be considered since it is the only problem hindering my graduation.

Thank you for your time.


Mr. Howard Arthur

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