Stars Solicitation Letter


The National Commission for Under Privileged


The UK film fraternity

Dear stars of the UK film fraternity,

This letter is a candle lit with hope which is at the disposal of your will and commitment. The National Commission for the Under Privileged is going to organise an event on the national scale which shall seep through the corners of the country. The event is regarding the effort to make the under privileged in our country self reliant.

Stars like you have always been an active member in the prior events organised by the National Commission for the Under Privileged. The past associations have bore fruits which made those events a bigger and grander one than the expected scenario. Even this time, the same kind of support is expected from all the stars of the UK film fraternity. Please make yourself available for the event so that more and more people indulge their efforts in this goodwill event. We hope to make this event the grandest one so far.

Yours truly,

National Commission for the Under Privileged

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