Standing Order Request Letter


Samuel Lewis

Branch Manager

Apex Banking Corporation

16 Loudon Street


5 September 2012

Sub:  Standing Order Request Letter

Dear Mr. Samuel

I am writing this letter to inform you that my name is Daniel lee and I am an account holder of your bank for the past three years and my account number is 20002601273. I would like you to make necessary arrangements for making a payment of 300 $ per month to the account of Mr. Peter Watson by debiting the said amount from my account by 31st of every month till further notice.

This amount is to be debited from my account every month until further notice. I would like to declare this amount as my standing order amount. The beneficiary bank account details are as follow:

Account name: Peter Watson

Name of the Bank:  London Bank     \

Name of the Branch: Seattle Branch

Address of the Branch: American Bank, 23 Camay Street, Eastern London

Account Number: 20002301723

I would be highly obliged if you can make the necessary arrangements to pay the amount to the recipients account. Please let me know if there are any other formalities that I need to complete. You can give me a call in my mobile number 9932601136 if there are any other issue regarding the matter.

Yours Sincerely

Daniel Lee

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