Staff Appreciation Letter

October 12, 2009

Mark Davies

Houghton Street

London, WC6A 2AE

Dear Mr. Davies,

We at the administration office wish to express our heartfelt appreciation of your invaluable contributions to the company.

The company values the hard work of exemplary employees like you.  You have consistently performed well.  Your record shows that you always come to work on time and even work late several times to ensure that everything has been accomplished before calling it a day.  We are aware that you have also taken on additional tasks when other staff were absent.

Rest assured that your efforts do not go unnoticed.  We are thankful for your industry and dedication to your work.  I know that you are a trustworthy staff and will not hesitate to give you work that will also give you ample benefits.

We look forward to more fruitful years with you in the company.


Peter Stuart

Head Administration Office

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