Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Ms. Agnes Gorman


London College

London, N16 1HS

November 6, 2010

Mr. Derek Bennett


Excellence Printers Co.

Dear Mr. Bennett,

Warm greetings!

Our school topped the National Robotics Contest last month, winning against numerous schools in the country.  We are fortunate to be representing the country in the international contest this December 10 which will be held in Sydney, Australia.

Sadly, we still lack funds to complete the winning team’s financial needs, including finances for their fare and other expenses.  It is for this reason that we are writing to your company to propose a sponsorship package that will benefit your company as well.

Since your company is involved in the printing business, we are proposing that you provide us with the team uniform that we need as well as additional cash aid.  You can include your company’s name in the uniform as well as other promotional materials that will be released for the said event.  As such, your company will be advertised during the activity.

Thank you.  We hope you would positively respond to our proposal.

Truly yours,

Agnes Gorman

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