Sponsorship Appeal Letter


Mr Blizzard,

Head of Marketing Department,

UBFT Shopping Mall,



Marketing manager,

Reliable Clothing Ltd,


Dear sir/madam,

I, Mr Blizzard, the head of marketing department of the UBFT Shopping Mall in Luxemburg, am writing this letter as an appeal for the sponsorship of the annual ‘Shopping Spree’ event which the UBFT Shopping Mall is famous for. Like every year, we have first approached you for the sponsorship of the event since you have been one of the oldest sponsors of this event and have been associated with us. The event is set to be the usual one with small but noticeable changes to make it eye catchy for the potential consumers all over Luxemburg.

The details regarding the event have been enclosed along with this letter and we are hoping that the tradition of Reliable Clothing Ltd sponsored ‘Shopping Spree’ continues for this year as well. We are waiting for your response on consensus or any amendments which you shall be suggesting. Hoping for a favourable response,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Blizzard

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