Sponsorship Agreement Letter


Joe Blue

Managing Director

Osborne Group of Companies Limited

45 Hilly Billy Road

Oxford City, UK 2390

Dated: 12th of June 2012

Subject: Letter for sponsorship agreement

Respected Mr. Blue,

This letter is in regards to the acceptance by your organization to provide sponsorship for the education camp being organized by our charitable trust.

We had applied for a sponsorship for the education camp that we are organizing for the children residing in African countries below poverty line. You had accepted to provide sponsorship and had asked us to send an agreement stating the various terms and conditions. We have drafted an agreement as per the Sponsorship Laws of the city of Oxford. As per the agreement you are supposed to provide a total sponsorship amount of one million pounds. We assure you that the entire amount would be utilized in this particular cause and in no other activity. We would also be providing you updates stating the status of the project. In case we fail to do so, the agreement can be terminated by your organization.

I am enclosing the agreement along with the letter and would request you to return it with your signature.


Ann Smith

Marketing Manager

Cry Charitable Organization

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