Sponsor Appreciation Letter


Mr Finnegan,


Royal Degree College,



Mr Goblin,

Drafting Stationeries Ltd,


Dear Mr Goblin,

This is Mr Finnegan, principal of Royal Degree College, Birmingham, expressing heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the sponsorship which you provided for the annual fest of the college. The college has always wanted to execute a grand annual fest event and the support from your side has helped the college authorities to realise this dream on a grander scale. Yesterday saw the culmination of the annual fest for this year and we are full of gratitude and appreciation for the way you, on behalf of the Drafting stationeries Ltd, have open heartedly helped the students in this event.

We are obliged by the interest which you showed in the minutes of this event and the valuable inputs from your side have helped us carve this impeccable annual fest event. We are hopeful that the relationship between the two sides continues on a prosperous note in the future. Appreciating your support,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Finnegan

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