Speaker Appreciation Letter


Mr Lewinsky,


Royal College of Arts,



Mr Maguire,

Maguire Villa,

B-12, Broxton lane,


Dear Mr Maguire,

I, Mr Lewinsky, principal of Royal College of Arts, Worcestershire, am writing this letter for thanking you and appreciating your speech which you have delivered during the annual function of our college. It was an honour to have you as the speaker for the occasion. The speech which you have delivered not only inspired the students but it also infused every listening person with a new zeal to look out for the challenges in their respective lives. Students come to colleges, pursue their education and get stereotyped for the career which they choose. They lose themselves.

Hence, we wanted someone like you to make these students aware of what they are losing and your speech has done exactly what was needed. We cannot appreciate and thank you and your speech more. We are proud and will always be proud to associate this college with you in one way or the other.

Yours appreciatively,

Mr Lewinsky

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