Sorry Friendship Letter


Adam Kellogg

98, Jordon Park Residential Area

Central London, UK

12th June 2012

Subject: feeling extremely sorry for the rude behavior shown by me to you yesterday

Dear Adam

I am feeling extremely sad over the things that happened between us yesterday. We have been so close friends for the last ten years. So we should not end such long lasting friendship over such an unnecessary argument. I know it was my fault as I was the one who started the argument regarding the matter of our college’s annual fest schedule. To be frank my mood yesterday was bit off due to the poor grades that I have obtained in my last annual examinations .I think this was the reason behind my anger and aggressive behavior that I showed to you the other day. I am feeling extremely guilty and helpless by remembering the issue that took place all of a sudden.

I would be extremely relived if you give one more chance and forgive me this time for my rough behavior. I promise that it will never be repeated again in the future. Hope that you will forgive me.

Yours’ sincerely

Paul Christ

44FG, Lytton Road, Eastern London


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