Solicitation Rejection Letter


Mr. Jerry Hanks,

#23, Teignmouth, Devon,

London, TQ14

Date : 15th January 2013

Subject : Rejection of Solicitation letter

Dear Mr. Jerry,

I hereby regret to inform you that your solicitation letter dated 2nd January 2013 has been rejected by our company management. Even though your proposal for business is good and also profitable there are too many risks involved in the business.

We are a conservative company and do not wish to enter businesses that are involved with too many risks that can be detrimental. The company is not looking at business opportunities that do not match with the company policy. Therefore we are forced to reject your solicitation even when we know that it can be great if accepted.

In case you wish to make modifications to the risk factors specified in your business proposal as given in your solicitation letter, we may reconsider your proposal once again. There is every possibility that after substantial reduction in the business risks our company management may consider your business proposal viable and accept it. Request you to communicate your opinion on the same as soon as possible.

Wishing you good luck for your new business.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Seagle,

Managing Director,

Incomp Solutions Ltd.

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