Solicitation Cancellation Letter


The Manager,

Janice Constructions Ltd,

#21, Derby, Derbyshire,

London, DE65

Date : 29th January 2013

Subject : Cancellation of Solicitation Letter

Dear Sir,

We hereby bring to your kind attention that the solicitation process for the construction of shopping mall stands cancelled with immediate effect. On account of the stringency of funds and huge loss incurred by our company in the business engaged in a foreign country we are compelled to cancel the solicitation process from construction companies for the shopping mall construction. Due to paucity of funds we will not be able to fund the project periodically and therefore our company has decided to stall the entire process.

We will take about six months to revive our business out of the financial crisis and will certainly start this shopping mall project. We will have your solicitation letter filed earlier with our company on records for future use on decision to restart the project. We appreciation you interest in working on the shopping mall project with our company and look forward to have great business relationship in future. Also note that we will not provide any further information or entertain any communication with regard to this project.

Thanking You.

Yours Truly,

Emma Anthony

Executive Director

Eastbourne Infrastructure Ltd.

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