Solicitation Appeal Letter


Mr Collins,

Joyous Dancing House,



Mr Leeward,

Dancing Envy Competition Head,


Dear Mr Leeward,

This letter has been drafted to make an appeal to you to re consider our entry in the esteemed competition which you have organised. After having submitted the letter of application for an entry in the competition, we were intimated after a couple of weeks that our solicitation letter has been disapproved and we were left traumatised. I would like to elucidate this fact that we have organised all the funds for participating in the competition. This was the reason stated in the disapproval letter that the authorities doubted for the funds availability with us.

I appeal you that you reconsider the disapproval of the solicitation letter from our side. We would want to assure you that we shall deliver up to the reputation of the elite competition and we have put in our heart in practice. I am hopeful that favourable response shall result after this letter. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Collins

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