Simple Christmas Letter

Dearest Daughter Margaret,

This is Dada talking to you on the other side. I received your letter wishing Merry Christmas. I wish you the same but with lots more love and care. I hope that your health is good and my tigress is ready to have a fight with her Lion Dada. I know your Mum would have contacted you as well and besides conveying best wishes for Christmas she would have also stressed on the need to care for your studies more intensely since your exams are closing on.

Even I wish and hope that my daughter gets the grades which she desires. But, Margaret, never lose what you have in pursuit of something else. Studies and career are just one aspect of your life and never compromise with other aspects to nurture one particular aspect. Live your life to fullest, with good reasoning and rational thinking. Conveying you loads of love and care,

Yours lovingly,


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