Sick Leave Letter

Lady Acoba

1211 Sea Side Drive,

NZ City

March 2, 2011


Mr. Raymond Go

Accounting Head

Pharma and Med Inc.

Dear Mr. Go,

I was consulted with a doctor during the weekends for the reason that I was not feeling well in the past few days and upon the diagnosis, I have a severe urinary tract infection.  As per my laboratory test, there are many to count infection that resulted to high fever and needs confinement.  I write this letter to formally inform you about my sickness and to request for two weeks leave.

Attached herewith also my medical documents for your reference and my contact details for any cases that needed my opinion.

I already endorsed my present work to one of my colleague and we have a written endorsement letter for her to be properly reminded of the due dates of the necessary reports to be done on time.  Rest assured that she will complete all the necessary documents without any delays and problems as well.

Again, I am requesting for your respective office to allow me to have a break for two weeks starting this date of March 2, 2011.

Thanks and regards,

Lady Acoba

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