Short sale authorization letter

Ms. Pamela Loughry


New Fashion Distributors

Merseyside, L27 6EL

March 10, 2010

Mr. Barry Chapman

General Manager

Creative Look Supplies

Dear Mr. Graham,

In behalf of New Fashion Distributors, I am writing this letter for your authorization and approval regarding the short sales planned by the company.  As you know, we have been serving Creative Look Supplies for twenty years now and we have never failed your sales needs through efficient marketing strategies.

The Creative Look Supplies has recently launched a new line of products.  These products are yet to be well-introduced to customers and thus require a short sales program to increase profitability.  We have attached a complete proposal for the program which includes the cost and other requirements to successfully implement it.  We look forward to a business meeting soon to discuss the details of the arrrangement.

Please send an authorization approving the short sales program as soon as possible.  For any inquiries, please contact us at 0151 423 0856.

Thank you.


Pamela Loughry

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