Short sale authorization approval letter

Mr. Bob Whitty


Little Wonders Co.

Finsbury Park

London, N4 5LN

October 29, 2010

Ms. Susan Goodfellow

General Manager

Fast Delivery Suppliers


Dear Ms. Goodfellow,

This is in response to your request for authorization and approval of the short sales program for your new line of products.  Let this letter serve as a confirmation approving the program.  We have enclosed a copy of the mailer discussion and minutes of the business meeting held between Little Wonders Co. and Fast Delivery Suppliers last August 1, 2010 regarding the matter.  We have also included a list of the terms and conditions as discussed during the business meeting for your reference.

Since Fast Delivery Suppliers is the oldest and foremost agent of Little Wonders Co. for marketing and selling our products, we will be giving discounts over total profit after the implementation of the short sales program.  If you have any clarifications regarding the deal, please contact us so we can schedule another business meeting.


Mr. Bob Whitty

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