Service Promotion Letter

Ms. Hannah Bailey

Director, Human Resources

Nettlemolds Limited

400 Anstey Road


Hampshire GU34 2QX

September 10, 2011

Mr. Charles Wright

Assistant Vice President, Operations

Nettlemolds Limited

400 Anstey Road


Hampshire GU34 2QX

Dear Charles,

Congratulations! The Board of Directors has voted unanimously for your promotion to Vice President of

Operations effective October 1, 2011. Your dedicated service is greatly appreciated.

The entire Management Team extends th eir greetings and wishes you all the best in your future

undertakings in your new position. It gave us immense pride that we got the promotion internally. You

have shown a great sense of dedication and loyalty to the organization from the date you joined us

seven years ago. We believe that your qualifications are unparalleled and you will demonstrate a more

vigorous drive to help our team propel the organization to greater heights. You will definitely be an

inspiration to all and will surely motivate the people directly working with to give their best.

Again from your family here at Nettlemolds Limited, congratulations on your promotion.

Yours sincerely,


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