Service Cancellation Letter

Chris Wathey

Kensington Gore

London, SW9 2EU

June 1, 2010

John King

Sales Manager

Clear Fountain Delivery

Prince Consort Road

London, SW6 2BS

Dear Sir,

I have been a regular customer of Clear Fountain purified water delivery service since May 2008.  Your service has been satisfactory and we have no complaints about the quality of water you deliver.   However, we are set to move to another location two months from now due to personal reasons.  Allow this letter to serve as a written notification that we are immediately cancelling our water delivery service with you.

We will begin fixing and moving our things on July 9.  As such, please remove your cooler unit from our home before the aforementioned date.  We will not be able to accommodate you afterwards.

We have already paid your previous services up to date.  Please send me a confirmation letter regarding my cancellation as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wathey

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