Selling Incentives Sales Letter


George Walt

Wills Book Company

76th Victoria Circle

Amsterdam, London


17th January 2012

Subject: Introduction of a fine quality paper sheet at an affordable price.

Respected Sir,

It is our great pleasure to work in collaboration with such a famous book manufacturer like you. One of the major reasons behind your fame is the good quality paper sheet you use to design your books and note books.

Through this letter we want to inform you that we at Rolls Paper Mills have come up with a new quality paper. The paper has been tested and proved to be 70% finer than the normal paper and is made from the Molasses, a sugar cane waste. This newly launched sheet of paper would be provided to you at a 60% incentive offer discount. We also excel in delivering sheets and paper of all qualities, sizes and colours.

To avail these limited offers please contact us on 0809893376. It would be a pleasure serving you again.

Thanks a lot.



Rolls Paper Mills

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