Seller Hardship Letter


Andrew Christ

45/9, hi-tech Apartment, Lorentz street

London, UK

Phone number -857963524


Potential Buyers

Sub- Seller hardship letter

Dear buyers

As you are aware of the current Euro zone recession crisis and the turbulence to which our country economy is going through. I being an industrial worker had to bear the brunt of it as I lost my job in the month of May 2013.I was engaged with a manufacturing steel mill corporation which last month shut down all it plants on the account of poor demand and huge inventory loses. Now as I am the sole bread winner of the family it is becoming very difficult to make both the ends meet without any regular income.

I had to exhaust my small savings in order to meet day to day basic necessities. It has become impossible for me to run the family of four further because of my ongoing financial hardship. So I thought of selling my apartment as soon as possible and move to a smaller rented one. This step has become unavoidable for me in order to ensure food security for my family members.

I would request the potential buyers of my apartment to contact me as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Christ

16TH June 2012.

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