Scholarship Rejection letter

Dear Mr./Ms.  Scholarship Sponsor:

Good day!

I feel greatly honoured and favoured for having been granted with your Scholarship Award. It has been one thing I have been hoping for, as it would really help a lot in pursuing my education further and go farther in life.

However, I am would like to humbly decline the said Scholarship, as I wish to take up a different course or degree now which your good scholarship does not provide for, as stated in the Scholarship Certificate (which is for my previous choice of college course).

Though I am in great need for this scholarship, I would like to beg off at this time, so you can grant the scholarship to another deserving student who might be interested in given course provided for by the scholarship.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and I am hoping to get other opportunities like this from your office in the future. May your office get more blessings from above.


Christine Castro

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