Scholarship Recommendation Letter


Henry Williams


Hogwarts University

18 Victoria Lane

Buckingham, London


27th January 2012

Subject: Recommending a student for an All Rounder Scholarship.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to recommend you to consider Daniel Cliff for an All Rounder Scholarship. I have had known this student since the first grade and I strongly recommend him for your scholarship award.

Daniel has always been a bright and an inquisitive scholar throughout his studies. He used to show his success rising on top of the class in each and every subject. When it comes to working in teams, he is strong at his leadership and decision making qualities.

Without any doubts and dilemmas, I have full faith in him that he will continue to prove successful in future. Kindly consider my recommendation so that the scholarship rests in the hands of a deserving student only.



Leonardo Di Caprio.

Sr. Lecturer

Hogwarts University

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