Scholarship Letter Format

June 15, 2011

Mr. George Mueller

Scholarship Program Coordinator

Dear Sir:

It is my earnest desire to write to you, with the greatest intention of requesting for a scholarship grant for my college education, as I read from the newspapers that your company is annually granting such scholarship awards to poor yet intelligent and hardworking students.

I would like to consider myself as one of those, (as my school records can strongly speak for myself) and I am humbly asking for you consideration on this matter.

I am willing to undergo all the necessary procedures in order to qualify or even to be considered for selection. I am hoping that you will help me in this quest for further knowledge to change and improve the quality of life in our family through education.

I can assure that I will not fail you and will do all my best to make myself worthy of your time, effort and resources. Your scholarship, if it will be granted to me will definitely never go to waste.

Thank you very much for this chance to be heard.


Amelia San Jose

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