Scholarship Grant Letter


Henry Williams

Vice Principal

Hogwarts University

18 Victoria Lane

Buckingham, London


18th January 2012

Subject: Requesting for a scholarship grant to pursue higher education.

Respected Sir,

I am a student of your University, pursuing B.Com. I am writing this letter to request you to support me in and my family in studies with a scholarship grant.

Sir, I belong to a very poor family, where my father’s earnings are not enough to match my academic expenditure. I have completed my second year with an average score of 98 percentile. I have always been active and enthusiastic in all types of extra activities. I am very confident that I would show excellent results in my third year and this would be possible only if I get to receive this scholarship grant.

Please consider to grant me this scholarship. I would be very thankful to you.



Daniel Radcliffe

Hogwarts University

Student Id: 3838/37373/2010

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