Scholarship Donor Thank You Letter

Dear Mr./Mrs/Ms. Donor:

I feel so lucky and blessed for having been granted the scholarship you are giving to students like me. The moment that I received and opened the letter of the Scholarship Grant, I could not find words to say. This is because I am in dire need of this to help me out as I go to college. This is my only chance to realize the dream that I have kept in my heart since I was a child.

You have helped me to take steps forward to further make this dream into a reality later on in life and please know that I am very grateful for this opportunity that you have given me and I will do everything to make you proud and satisfied.

Rest assured that I will do all my best in order not to fall short of your expectations.

Again, my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for this scholarship that you granted me with.

May God bless you more so you continue to share your blessings with others.


Benjamin Payton

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