Scholarship Approval Letter


George Walt

Wills Book Company

76th Victoria Circle

Amsterdam, London


17th January 2012

Subject: Approval of annual scholarship grant of $400.

Respected Sir,

This letter is to notify that your child has been approved for a scholarship grant of $400 annually. The University of Joy Kids Kamp has chosen Henry, for their scholarship award after visualising his commendable efforts in various fields and past academic performances.

The esteemed panel of the University has approved him to be a recipient so that his dreams to pursue PHD might get fulfilled. You are required to make a payment of only $15 annually for his academic expenditure. Your child is required to fill the attached form and submit the same to the University latest by 12th February.

Congratulations to you and your child for such an approval. We hope that the scholarship would be surely helpful to you.


Franz Louis

Joy Kids Kamp University

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