Sample Leave letter

Jennifer San Juan

118, Diamond Street


March 25, 2011

Kian Lim

Harry Lim Auto Machine Services

Bulgury Road


Subject: Application for leave.

Dear Mr. Lim,

I hereby apply for leave for about 3 days starting to April 8 to April 11, 2011 this is for the reason of school activity of my children that needs to attend to.  I apologize for the inconvenience that it will bring to you, but I hope you can give me approval on this matter.  This is a yearly activity in my children’s school and the parents should also be present in the program.

It is a great honor for me if you will allow me to have my leave on the three days time.  Now, in order to ensure that I will not miss anything for my work, I start doing my task ahead and I am starting to endorse some of the important matters that I should leave as well to my immediate colleague.

Again, I am asking for your permission and hoping to grant my application for leave.

Sincerely yours,

Jennifer San Juan

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