Sample Donation Letter

May 19, 2010

Prof. Keith Lennon


London, E5 9DD

Dear Prof. Lennon,

Please accept my donation of children’s books and references for your school’s library.  Although some are a bit old, they are still in good condition and are still being used in schools today.  My family is moving out of town and we have decided not to bring the books which are additional baggage for us.  I am hoping that the books would be put to better use in the library.

I am a graduate of your school and I learned a great deal from this respected institution.  The school instilled in me compassion for others, humility, and resourcefulness and inspired me to become a medical doctor.  I hope this simple gesture would show my gratitude to my alma mater and would help others fulfill their dreams.

May you continue providing quality education and encourage more students to be the best in their chosen fields.

Truly yours,

Dr. Tom Hearns

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