Sample Congratulations Letter


Tom Alter

34 Aspen High Road

North Dakota, South Carolina 6790

Dated: 21st of May 2012

Subject: Congratulations on becoming a father

Dear Tom,

It is great news that you have become a father and I am writing this letter to congratulate your wife for the same.

I got to know yesterday that your wife has given birth to a healthy baby girl on 15th of May 2012. You can now call yourself proud father of a daughter. It must be a time of prosperity in your family as a new member has arrived in the family. You and your wife Maria have been planning to have a baby since you both got married two years ago and finally God has fulfilled your wishes.

I understand that your responsibilities will also increase now as you have become a father and I wish you all the best for the same. Once again loads of congratulations for the lovely baby.


Nick Hanks

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