Sample Christmas Bonus Letter


Mr Anderson,

Head of Sales Department,

Sterling Leather House,



Staff people,

Sales Department,

Sterling Leather House,


Dear staff people,

I, Mr Anderson, head of sales department of Sterling Leather House, am writing this letter to convey you all some pleasant news. Christmas week has been an excellent period during the sales of Sterling Leather House jumped by nearly 60%. This has been a better performance than any year or any Christmas week which has passed. The management of the Sterling Leather House has been very impressed by the sincerity and dedication which you all have showcased in your work.

However, the continuation of better sales during the first couple of weeks of the New Year has urged the management of Sterling Leather House to reward the hard work put in by its staff. As a result of this, a bonus of not one but two salaries has been declared to every working person of the Sterling Leather House with a hope that the good work continues along with good sales.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Anderson

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