Sample Business Thank you Letter


Mr Riddle,

Sterling Steels Ltd,



Mr Watermark,

Bank Manager,

WTC Bank,


Dear Mr Watermark,

I, Mr Riddle, from Sterling Steels Ltd, am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the acceptance of the loan application by the WTC Bank. I have mentioned that we desire to expand our operational domain to uplift the working of Sterling Steels Ltd to a new higher level. However, because of the shortage of funds we could not do so. Hence we applied for the loan. The loan acceptance is a big shot in the arm of this project and we welcome this step of WTC Bank with sheer gratitude and appreciation. I assure you that all the formalities for the loan shall be completed at the earliest and the bank shall never see the day of regret for the acceptance of loan application of Sterling Steels Ltd. We are looking forward to a quick access to the loan in the coming future. Thanking you for acceptance of loan application.

Yours thankfully,

Mr Riddle

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