Sample Business Proposal Letter


Ms Penelope,

Excel Construction Materials Firm,



Mr Thomson,

ERD Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Thomson,

This letter has been drafted to put forward a business proposal at your disposal. First of all, I, on behalf of Excel Construction Materials Firm, express appreciation and congratulations for the bagging of the dam construction project by ERD Constructions Ltd. Excel Construction Materials Firm have started the supply of the construction materials in the Glasgow zone and hence this letter serves as a proposal for the supply of construction materials for the new project of dam construction undertaken by ERD Constructions Ltd.

We realise the importance of the quality of the construction material in a sensitive project like dam building. We assure you of the best quality at most competitive rates in the market. We are willing to demonstrate the quality of our construction materials if you could send a delegation. We are hoping that this proposal would be accepted and further steps would be taken to materialise an agreement.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Penelope

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