Sample Business Letter


Mr Electra,

ICUC Finances Ltd,



Ms Carmen,

DLS Constructions Ltd,


Dear Ms Carmen,

This letter has been drafted as a step to finalise the minutes of the investment which the ICUC Finances Ltd is doing in the new project of DLS Constructions Ltd. We have studied that the preferences highlighted by you in your last letter dated 17 July 2010 considering the clauses of the agreement which we are about to get inked. I would like to put forward my appreciation for the concern shown by DLS Constructions Ltd for the preferences made by ICUC Finances Ltd. This letter is enclosed with the list of final approved clauses for the agreement and the agreement can be materialised on these clauses.

We are hopeful that this project proves as prosperous as it has been desired by both the firms. I, on behalf of the entire ICUC Finances Ltd, wish you all the best for the new project and hope that our investment lies in safe hands.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Electra

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