Sample Business Apology Letter


Ms Stella,


Ridgeback Shopping Complex,



Mr Higgins,


Sea View Apartments,


Dear Mr Higgins,

I, Ms Stella, the manager of the Ridgeback Shopping complex, am writing this letter to express heartfelt apologies for the damage of health and money which have been incurred upon you by the mistake which occurred from our side. It was our responsibility to take care of our patrons not going over the cleaning area and we fell short of our responsibility resulting in the heavy loss of time, health and money to you.

As a humble compensation for what we have done, not that the mistake can be compensated by anything, we wish to offer you all the expenses for the treatment of yours until you reach your good self again. I assure you that the day for another such mistake shall never come to light. I express, on behalf of the entire staff of Ridgeback Shopping Complex, remorse for all the trouble and inconvenience which we have caused to you.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Stella

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