Sample authorization letter

Mr. Andrew Sullivan

Warwick Road, Stratford

London, E17 4LA

February 14, 2010

Mr. John Brown

Administrative Officer

Everlast Building Co.

Dear Mr. Brown,

This letter is to authorize Ms. Emily Walker to sign the pending documents at your office on my behalf.  I have already read the contents of the said documents sent to me through email which we have agreed upon in our previous meeting.  Ms. Walker is the company’s finance manager and she is in a position to sign the documents for me if necessary.  I am currently indisposed to attend the official signing of the documents since I have come down with the flu and have been advised by my attending physician to two days of bed rest.

Please note that this authorization is valid only on the date of the official signing of documents.  Other transactions aside from the documents already agreed upon will not be honored by the company.

Should you need to confirm anything, please contact me at 020 8655 2335.

Thank you.


Andrew Sullivan

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