Sample Apology Letter


Mr Bonzela,

Hotel Manager,

Grand View Hotel,



Mr and Mrs Iyer

Dear patrons,

I, Mr Bonzela, the hotel manager of Grand View Hotel, am writing this letter to regret the inconvenience caused to you because of the last minute room change which we had done. It was kind of you to do the needful for us; otherwise we could have been in soup, having allotted the same room to two patrons. I apologise to you on behalf of all the management and staff of this Hotel and I assure you that you shall never be confronting any inconvenience henceforth.

As a part of the compensation for all the inconvenience we have been responsible for, not that the inconvenience can be compensated, we wish to offer relief of payment for your stay at our hotel. We shall feel that you have forgiven us if you accept our humble compensation. I assure you that no inconvenience shall be coming your way during your stay at our hotel.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Bonzela

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