Sales Team Recognition Letter


Sales Team

All Win Limited Company

80 Oscar Wild Street

Cambridge City, United Kingdom 3489

Dated: 10th of August 2012

Subject: Recognition letter for the sales team

Dear Sales team,

This letter is in regards to the good work done by the whole team in exceeding the sales target for three consecutive months. I appreciate the results we have achieved due to your dedication and hard work.

Our company was going through a lean phase and was running into losses due to reduction of sale of our product in the market. Your team came up with new sales strategies and that have worked in the company’s favor. The popularity of our product has increased in the market and as a result there is huge demand for our products. The profit has also maximized. I have decided to declare an increment of five percent in the salary of all the members of the sales team. I am also declaring two extra off days for you all in the coming week. I hope you continue performing like this and contribute to the success of the company.

I would like to congratulate you all once again.


Owen Wilson

Managing Director

All Win Limited Company

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