Sales Team Appreciation Letter


Sales team

Genesis Corporation Limited

89 Eastern Way Road

London, UK 6712

Dated: 7th of May 2012

Subject: Appreciation letter for your performance

Dear Sales team,

I would like to congratulate you all for exceeding your sales target and earning profit for the organization. I appreciate the hard work that the whole team has put into bring in good times for the organization.

In the month of January, we had increased the sales target and were a bit apprehensive about the sales team meeting the target. But surprisingly the sales team not only has met the revised target but also exceeded it. As a result, the products of our organization have gained popularity in the market and there is an increase in demand. The whole team has implemented new strategies that are worth praising. For your excellent performance, the higher management has decided to give you ten percent commission on the profit earned. The management has also decided to sponsor a trip for the whole team to Thailand.

The president of our company is very happy with your performance and has highly appreciated it. I hope the team continues performing like this.


Rick Martin

Managing Director

Genesis Corporation Limited

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