Sales Tax Letter


Henry Williams

Sales Manager

Sales Tax department



4TH February 2013

Subject: Regarding sales tax payment for the current financial year

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my company Holmes Sales Agency. This letter is written in regard to the payment of the sales tax by our company for the current financial year.

This is to inform you that we have calculated the sales tax of our company according to the rate of 10% of the total sales, instead of assigned 12% to our company. This reduction and lesser value in the payment of sales tax are in reference to the sales tax holiday that was requested by our company for the total of three years.

The above mentioned agreement and approval with your sales department is hereby enclosed with this letter for your kind referral.  The calculated sales taxes are in accordance to the sale of various products, documents of which are also enclosed, mentioning the invoice amount and the quantity of the products and services. The sales tax has been calculated and verified by our company’s auditors.

A cheque of our sales tax, according to the 10% of the total sales has been enclosed with this letter. We request you to kindly check your records for the reduction in the sales tax for our company.

Thanking you.


Leo Bob

Sales Manager

Holmes Sales Agency

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