Sales Proposal Letter

February 10, 2010

Ms. Susan Shelby


Equipped Store

Saffron Walden

Essex, CB21 3PU

Dear Ms. Shelby,

Are you having difficulty in getting fresh organic fruit year-round?  We at FreshOrganics have over 1,000 farmers across the country and abroad providing us with fresh, organically grown fruit.  We have a unique system that allows us to get fresh fruit from different sources three times a week.  As the first company in this business, we are also the first to offer door-to-door delivery of organic fruits.  Our products are certified to be organic by pertinent certifying bodies and we have regular clients that can attest to their satisfaction with our service.  You can also ask for fruits that are not on our list which we may be able to provide for you depending on the circumstance.

You may check our website,, or call us at 01798 542 552  if you are interested to find out more about our group, our products, and our services.

Yours truly,

John Newman

Marketing Manager

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