Sales Letter Format


Your name,

Your company’s name

Your company’s address


Name of Client,

Title of Client,

Address of Company or Client,

Dear Mr./Ms. (last name of the client)

Paragraph 1: The introduction of the letter must be captivating and should grab the reader’s attention. Then you can introduce your company and your expertise. You must mention a little detail about your company and its services.

Paragraph 2: Introduce the purpose of the letter and the service or product you want to sell to the client. You must not forget to mention how the product or service would be beneficial for the client. The offer should be enticing but then you should not make false promises to allure the client.

Paragraph 3: In the last paragraph you must provide your contact details so that the client can get back to you if interested. You must also mention if you have any website where they can get more information.

Yours sincerely,

Your last name.

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