Sales Introduction Letter

October 29, 2010

Mr. Edwin Jenks

Weymouth Drive, Glasgow

Glasgow, G14 0ET

Dear Mr. Jenks,

Elegant Electronics is now in town!  We are an electronics store that provides quality electronic appliances and supplies that are also visually pleasing.  We have been in the business for forty years and we are proud to announce that we have opened a branch in town to serve you.  Our products are guaranteed to be durable and cutting-edge while also being artistically designed.

Recently, we have launched a new line of appliances dubbed as the “Green Line.”  These products are environment-friendly and energy-saving, appropriate in this age where we are more concerned about caring for the earth.  As per your administration, your company is looking to furnish your new buildings.  It is our pleasure to present Elegant Electronics to your disposition.  We are offering free installation of electronics should you choose our new products.

Our brochure is avalaible for your perusal at

Yours sincerely

Maureen Stiles

Marketing Head,

Elegant Electronics

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