Sales Experience Cover Letter


Ms. Ashton Bern,

D-312, Waterloo Apartments,

Bridgeton Highway,



Mr. Tom Kutcher,

Human Resource Manager,

New Shine Pvt. Limited,



Dear Mr. Kutcher,

This with reference to the vacancy in your company for the post of sales associate in your company. I was made aware for the vacancy by your human resource manager Mr. Lewinsky. He is aware of my knowledge and qualification and advised me to apply for the position in your company which made me write the letter.

In my previous company I was responsible for planning campaigns and strategies targeted for specific consumers to increase sales of our various products and services. I also specialize in maintain healthy relationships with the customers to continue the association for long. I have also managed financial transactions in the past so have knowledge of accounts and payment handling too.

We can further discuss my application in person. I can come for an interview at any scheduled time. You can contact me on my personal number mentioned in my resume enclosed with the letter. Thank you for considering my application.


Mr. Bern





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