Sales Engineer Resignation Letter


Jude Law

Sales Department Head

Raw materials Private Limited

67 West Side Street

Bristol, UK 7845

Dated: 9th of July 2012

Subject: Resignation from the position of sales engineer

Respected Mr. Law,

This is to bring to your notice that I have come to a decision to resign from my current position of a sales engineer. I am resigning on 15th of July 2012.

It was very difficult for me to take this decision, but I had no choice. I had joined this organization on 12th of May 2009 in the same position. I have enjoyed a lot working in this organization. I have learnt a lot professionally by working here that will help me in the long run. I have also worked hard and felt that I deserved a promotion but I did not get one though I have been working for three years. I am looking for an opportunity in an organization that will give me the opportunity of steady growth.

I owe you a lot to help me improve my knowledge in the field of sales. I would request you to accept my resignation and execute all the formalities in regards to this.


Chris Evan

Sales Engineer

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