Sales Commission Agreement Letter


Jonathan Swift

Sales Executive

Sales Department

Aspen Group of Companies

56 Oscar Wild Road

South Hall, UK 2378

Dated: 4th of May 2012

Subject: Agreement letter for sales commission

Respected Mr. Swift,

This letter is in regards to the sales commission that all the sales executive are supposed to receive based on their performance in selling the products of the organization. We have decided to enter into a sale agreement and the letter will state the terms and conditions.

The sales executive will receive a commission of 5 percent on sale of each product, provided the executive has exceeded the minimum sales target. In case the executive fails to meet the given sales target, the amount of commission will not be paid. You have to maintain all sales details by updating it in documents. The commission amount will be credited with your monthly salary. The sales executive has to assure he won’t be selling products of any rival company. If found doing so, he will lose his job in the organization.

I hope you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the enclosed document and mail it back to us with your signature. Please find the agreement enclosed.


Nathan Lane

Sales Department Head

Aspen Group of Companies

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