Sale Termination Letter


Mr Yardley,


HDL construction materials,



Mr Brendon,

Site Manager,

Heightz Construction People

Dear Mr Brendon,

I, Mr Yardley, the manager of the HDL construction materials firm, am writing this letter in sheer disgust and despair. I have always made it clear that before the clearing of the prior payments which are due, further orders shall not be entertained under any circumstances. It has been perceived that the exemption given to your construction firm is taking the face of a grant, which is something, not expected from us.

Considering these issues, I inform you, on a very gloomy note, that your order for the construction material and the sale of the said order has been terminated. Kindly consider this letter as a grim reminder of the fact that the request for clearing the dues has been made for a long period of time and considering the business relationship which we share, the legal step has been avoided. Kindly do not force an undesirable consequence for this matter,

Yours truly,

Mr Yardley.

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